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Look Who's Talking Sentiments Stamp Set

If your furry friends could talk...what might they say? Send the purr-fect greeting with the Look Who's Talking Sentiments Stamp Set Look Who's Talking Sentiments pairs with the Peeking Pets and More Peeking Pets Stamp Sets. You're going to woof it!

The cute pet pun messages fit inside in the speech bubbles of the Look Who's Talking Dies!

Pet Puns include:

  • Whatcha Doing?
  • Meow's it going?
  • Happy birthday
  • I Woof You!
  • You've cat to be kitten me!
  • Where's the Paw-ty
  • I've miss you!

Designed by Becca Bonneville

Catherine Pooler clear stamp sets are made out of high quality photopolymer.